Our story

A modern vegan pâtisserie that crafts with passion.

The Vege Lab 堅持創作味覺、視覺和健康並重的純素甜品,熱衷探索甜品的可能性。我們透過結合純素飲食與現代甜品的概念,製作出味道豐富、健康的無蛋奶甜品。

By creating our dessert from scratch, we are delighted to present appetizing, flavourful and healthier vegan alternatives to traditional pastry. As much as we prioritize delightful tastes, we believe that they can be created without the need to harm other forms of life on our planet.  

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Vegan Cake

Vegan Tart


Plant-based ingredients


All our products are made of 100% plant-based ingredients, which are free from dairy, egg and animal product. Our products are suitable for vegans and people with egg and milk allergies.




We use mostly unrefined and organic ingredients in our products, including raw sugar, organic soy milk, unbleached flour, organic cold-pressed coconut oil. In pursuit of providing healthier pastry alternatives, we avoid adding artificial colouring, artificial flavouring and preservatives in our products.




We keep our pastry design clean and simple. To present the dessert through delicacy and simplicity, we like to create our cakes with seasonal fruits, edible flowers and herbs, without adding artificial coulorings.