The Vege Lab's Story


The Vege Lab 是香港純素蛋糕品牌,專售純素、無雞蛋、無牛奶、無乳製品和無動物成份的甜品。

The Vege Lab的故事


及後,她在facebook專頁Veg Dining Lab分享烹飪心得,透過文字紀錄,討論純素烹飪中健康、營養和美學的平衡。 

翌年,她創立The Vege Lab,希望將健康的純素甜品帶給更多人,讓大眾認識素食文化,並讓對蛋奶敏感的人士快樂地享用甜品。

The Vege Lab is vegan cake brand based in Hong Kong, specialised in creating egg-free and dairy-free desserts with organic and plant-based ingredients. 

We hope to create visually stimulating desserts for everyone, not just for vegans.

We strive to deliver joy to different kinds, with respect and appreciation to nature and the animals.

We take pride in using natural, organic and thoughtfully sourced ingredients in our vegan treats.

Behind The Vege Lab

Yuki is the founder of The Vege Lab. She is a self-taught baker with enthusiasm for creating beautiful vegan cakes that delight the eye without the addition of animal products.

She embarked on her journey as a vegetarian in 2016, and furthered to conduct amazing culinary experiments in her kitchen.

Since then she has never ceased to share the happiness of exploring the vegan world and the possibility of plant-based ingredients, by presenting them in desserts, her marks of the vision of balancing aesthetics, health and environment in vegan cuisine.

Yuki started her vegan baking journey after visiting Sydney in 2017, where she found her inspirations and let her imaginations run wild.

Continuing the passion for a sustainable lifestyle, Yuki thus turns The Vege Lab into business in 2018 both for the wider happiness and the hope of playing its part to create a vibrant and rising vegan scene.