Our Story


The Vege Lab 於2018年創立,堅持將味覺、視覺和健康並重的純素甜品,呈現給每位客人。






Since 2018, The Vege Lab is dedicated to creating vegan pastries that balance between flavors, visuals, and health.

From sourcing quality plant-based ingredients to applying the concepts of vegan gastronomy, we are enthusiastic in exploring the possibilities of modern dessert.

By creating our dessert from scratch, we proudly present appetizing, flavourful and healthier vegan alternatives. As much as we prioritize delightful tastes, we believe that they can be created without the need to harm other forms of life on our planet.  

Vegan desserts are not only for vegans; they are for everyone who wants to try something different or cares about our animals and environment.

They are for you and me. 

Our founder




在2018年創立The Vege Lab,並在2019年前往西班牙進修。


Yuki is the founder and the pastry chef of The Vege Lab.

She embarked on her journey as a vegetarian in 2016, and furthered to conduct amazing culinary experiments in her kitchen.

Since then she has never ceased to share the happiness of exploring the vegan world and the possibility of plant-based ingredients, by presenting them in desserts, her marks of the vision of balancing aesthetics, health and environment in vegan cuisine.

Yuki embarked her vegan baking journey after her exchange study in Sydney in 2017, where she found her inspirations and let her imaginations run wild.

Continuing the passion for a sustainable lifestyle, Yuki thus turns The Vege Lab into business in 2018 both for the wider happiness and the hope of playing its part to create a vibrant and rising vegan scene.